Co-Founder & CEO

Rudy Favila is an entrepreneur and President & COO of Premium Mezcales LLC; a wholesaler and importer of his own family brand of Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico. Premium Mezcales imports Sacacuento Mezcal into the United States and New Zealand.

Before joining Premium Mezcales, Mr. Favila joined the California Youth Authority (now the Division of Juvenile Justice) where he served as a Peace Officer for 27 years and counseled young people in prison to lead them out of lives of crime and drugs.

Rudy has also long been involved with his community, serving as the President of the South Ontario Kiwanis Club, Ontario Sister Cities program, Mexican American Correctional Association, and LULAC of the Inland Empire. He also served as Chair of the San Bernardino County Mental Health Advisory Board and the Drug Abuse Committee of the Ontario Elks Lodge.

Rudy also served on the Ontario City Council, where he successfully created neighborhood watch programs and graffiti removal efforts block-by-block. He fought back against unemployment and helped initiate the construction of Ontario Mills and the Ontario Convention Center. He also created youth immersion programs and a citywide youth center, creating activities to lead young people away from crime and delinquency.

Mr. Favila earned his Bachelors degree from Cal State Sacramento.

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